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Mikel of Eislark

Captain of Eislark and former thief, Mikel is a sly leader and expert swordsman.

Umbrin Sarn

King of the Eastern Island and Lord of Trillgrand, Umbrin wields his power with abrasive superiority.

Eislark, City of Sails

A town full of thieves, pirates, and fish, Eislark is a working class town.

Petravinos Morgodello

Councilor Supreme of Endland’s wizards, Petravinos is advisor to the king and to Trillgrand.

Whitewind, City of the Tundra

Desolate and isolated, Whitewind survives off of the heat provided from deep within Endland.


Champions of Endland, the Chosen possess incredible abilities. 

Dawnwood, City of the Elves

Ancestral home of the elves, Dawnwood is a city built harmoniously with nature.

Geaspar Eltenbranch

Coming from a long line of Stars, the knights of the Chosen, Geaspar has been selected as the General of the new age of Stars.

Lesara Eltenbranch

Youngest of the Eltenbranch line, Lesara and her father are the first knights in the Order of the Stars in over a century.

Janeph Sarn

Sister of King Umbrin Sarn, Janeph revoked her title and joined the ranks of the knights of Trillgrand, the famed Blue Hearts.

Bartellom Bonethorne

An exiled barbarian of a noble bloodline, Bartellom seeks to restore his name and to assist the Chosen by any means.

Walding Zarlorn

A Chosen Grandmaster of legend, Walding now finds himself at the forefront of a new age.

Bol-Garot, Hold of Kings

Ancestral home of the barbarians, Bol-Garot is the only hold on the Eastern Island and is the only hold that pledges allegiance to Trillgrand.

Kralo-Da, hold of War

The most ruthless of the barbarian Holds, Kralo-Da lives for war and believes their king, Hulmar-Da to be the rightful ruler of Endland.

Order of the Stars

The Stars are the knights of the Chosen and have been disbanded since the Chosen were banished from Endland.

Bryce Blooms

One of the hunted children on earth, Bryce shows signs of a connection with the Medius.

Johnny Pragg

One of the hunted children on earth, Johnny has shown  connection with illusion.

Zack Kapule

One of the hunted children on earth, Zack shows signs of a direct connection with the ancients.

Oorvansky Quilp

Keeper of Endland’s Great Library, Oorvansky is reclusive and occasionally has vivid premonitions.

Clasari Bliadal

Queen of the elves, Clasari rules her people with unrivaled authority.

Hulmar Da

King of Kralo-Da, many barbarians believe him to be the rightful ruler of Endland, despite his ruthlessness and desire for battle.

Dalwing, Hold of Sands

A Barbarian Hold on the Western Island dedicated to the followers of Phont, Dalwing is modest and simple.

Vingdale, Hold of Fortitude

A nomadic barbarian Hold, these people are the most hardy Endland has to offer.

Gritvand, City of the Dwarves

Ancestral home of the Dwarves, Gritvand supplies much of Endland with their metals.

Jalp Dolhrant

Lord of Bol-Garot, Jalp and the Dolhrant name took over leadership after the Bonethornes were exiled from the barbarian hold.

Eislark, City of Sails

Capital of the Eastern Island, Trillgrand commands respect.


The splinter faction of the Chosen, the Grim use their abilities for their own needs.

Grekory Belmar, Lord of Eislark

Young for his role, Grekory has done a fair job running Eislark, even with the occasional youthful flounder.

Frilminn Warplod

Lord of Gritvand and the dwarven people, Frilminn is a bold businessman with the means to backup his tough talk.

Verir, City of Industry

Once a small logging town, Verir has evolved into an industrial hotbed of innovation and ingenuity. 

Cliffpoint, City of Outlaws

A former haven for cutthroats, Cliffpoint has become more civilized as of late.

Kuldraz, City of the Orcs

Ancestral home of the most prominent orc clan, Kuldraz is a hidden city known only by orcs.

Swilmagapan, City of Swamps

A city built atop the swamps, it is filled with the misfits and outcasts of Endland.

Suthore, City of Luxury

Blessed with rich mines, Suthore is a city of excess, and entitlement.

Jornun, City of the Dead

Where the Battle of the Aging was fought between the Chosen and Grim, Jornun is now uninhabited and is widely considered cursed.