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An award-winning author, Nick McPherson is primarily a husband and father, which are and will always be his greatest accomplishments. He is also a fantasy genre nerd, a video game enthusiast an engineer a hater of yard work, and a lover of frozen custard. He splits his time between a lovely home in Cleveland, Ohio and a less lovely work desk in a different part of Cleveland. He is prone to demonstrating wry humor and finds writing his author bio somewhat difficult. He also finds writing about himself in the third person odd and much prefers the first person, which he will use moving forward.

The seed of my being an author was planted years ago as a child when I read J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. It completely blew my mind; a whole new world with people and places and events and history, all crafted and molded into words on paper to create a magnificent and expansive universe. I can remember wanting to do something like that, to create something huge and elaborate and awe-inspiring. But being in the 5th grade, I had Pokémon cards to trade and PlayStation to play, so I never really got started on anything even remotely intricate. Truthfully, I didn’t even write all that much aside from what was assigned in school and college.

But the desire to create was still there, the seeds lying in wait for a chance to spring to life and fully realize their full nature. And so, when my then fiancé began graduate school, and thereby freed up countless hours of free time for me, I began to write seriously. I crafted a new world; characters, locations, history, and conflict, setting the stage for what is now the Chosen series. It took over eight years of on-again-off-again writing, with multiple revisions and world building, but with that effort has come a new universe to explore and share with my readers. It is incredible the power written words can have over people we will never meet. I can only hope to deliver the world a tiny portion of the awe Tolkien gave to me, some small measure of the creativity he fostered in my mind as a child. To do so, for even one person, would make Chosen an incredible success. Hold onto your butts, folks, the adventure is just getting started.

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